For the watersport enthusiast, Stilbaai offers a safe and placid coastline (with vast sandy beaches on each side of the river), a river that is navigable for 15km and an abundance of natural springs, an ideal opportunity for all kinds of water sports, such as: waterskiing; boating; diving; rock angling; deep-sea fishing: kyte-surfing etc.
The beaches in Stilbaai are clean and well accessible by car, foot and or bike. The best spots for swimming are located at the mouth of the river and near the fish traps. With plenty of child friendly opportunities to enjoy a safe swim (especially at low tide).

Stilbaai has several hiking trails within its boundaries, most trails take between 1 and 4 hours to finish. The coastal line can be accessed easily and allows you to walk for indefinite periods of time whilst enjoying the beautiful view.
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