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The Treasures of nature unique to Stilbaai have attracted visitors to this "Bay of Sleeping Beauty" for centuries. 

The unique limestone area with its abundance of natural springs provided the ideal habitat for ancient man whose footprints still linger here. 

The Indian Ocean washes onto miles of unspoilt, brilliant, white sandy beaches on both sides of the Goukou river (navigable for 15 km), providing ideal conditions for sun bathing, water sports of every conceivable kind and endless romantic walks in one of the nature reserves.

Stilbaai is your ideal first (or last) stop when travelling on the Garden Route from (or to) Cape Town. Stilbaai is only 1.5 hrs drive from the George Airport, but it also has its own landing strip. It is also centrally situated to such popular tourist destinations as Swellendam, Oudtshoorn and the Overberg.

While the popularity of Stilbaai as one of the best tourist destinations on the Garden Route is growing, it maintains its characteristics as a pollution-free, safe and peaceful destination.

All the necessary services such as medical and supply services which include three franchised grocery shops, many excellent restaurants and take-away food providers are present.


Stilbaai is host to a number of interesting archaeological sites, including ancient fish traps thought to have been built by early ancestors of the Khoi people of the Southern Cape, and a shell landfill that has been carbon dated to around 1 000 BC.

Another archaeological site is situated in a group of caves at Blombos, about 12 kilometres from Stilbaai. Artefacts found at Blombos have been carbon dated to around 75 000 BC, making it the oldest known human settlement today. 

Wonderful examples of Strandveld architecture are found in Stilbaai and Melkhoutfontein as well as quaint thatched cottages in the Bosbokduin Private Nature Reserve. The town's way of life is centred around the placid ocean and estuary, which are visible from virtually any vantage point, creating a unique ambience experienced by all who visit Stilbaai. 


Stilbaai is blessed with a moderate climate and the fresh unpolluted air is due to a gentle breeze blowing from the placid ocean. This area receives rain almost equally in all four seasons with peaks in autumn and spring. Temperatures fluctuate between 20 °C and 28 °C on average in summer and between 12 °C and 20 °C on average in winter. Rainfall averages 639,2 mm per annum. The weather is ideal for holiday making with moderate temperatures, and beautiful sunshine days.

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